2009-2010 - Credit Course Detail for MSCI 1125

1  Credit Hours   3 hrs. lab.    
A cardio-respiratory physical conditioning class designed to promote high levels of performance measured by the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT); to improve the health/wellness, endurance, and strength of the body, and to educate on the principles of nutrition, diet and weight control. Utilizes Army physical fitness techniques; develops muscular strength, flexibility and endurance; develops self-confidence to plan, conduct and lead physical training for others through Army leadership training methods and physical activities. A variety of physical activities include standard warm-up and strength/endurance building exercises, timed/progressive repetitions, weight/strength training (cardiovascular), negative-resistance, running (up to two miles), cycling/spinning, and competitive individual/team activities. The course prepares each student for the APFT consisting of 2 minutes execution of push-ups and sit-ups, and a two-mile run. This course satisfies the physical education requirement and may be repeated.
Learning Outcomes
Scans Documentation
Foundation Skills Workforce Competencies
Prerequisite: none
Corequisite: none
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